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During Granollers CUP you will face other teams from all over the world, all of them with different cultures and styles of handball. The competition is divided into 10 categories based on gender and age.




AM  boys born in 2012-2013
IM  boys born in 2010-2011
CM  boys born in 2008-2009
JM  boys born in 2006-2007
JUM boys born in 2003-2004-2005



AF  girls born in 2012-2013
IF  girls born in 2010-2011
CF girls born in 2008-2009
JF  girls born in 2006-2007
JUF  girls born in 2003-2004-2005

There is a maximum of 16 players and 2 officials for each team. The selection will be for the entire tournament.

Competition system

The duration of the matches will be two (2) periods of 15 minutes each.

The competition will consist in a first group stage (5 or 6 teams depending on the number of participating teams). During the group stage all teams will play each other in a single round. The first ranked teams will play the playoff for the title; quarterfinals, semifinals and final for each category.

All teams will play a minimum of five games.

Venues and courts

There are 16 playing fields, most of them covered. See Granollers CUP courts map

Sport medical insurance

Each team or club participant must have its own sports medical insurance for all the players.


All referees of the tournament are federated. As in previous editions, in addition to referees of the Royal Spanish Federation and Catalan Handball Federation, the Granollers Cup will feature young international referees from countries around the world.

During the days of the tournament the “training and specialization course” of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation will be held once again for the Spanish National Category referees.

If you are a referee and you wish to participate in the Granollers CUP, you should have the corresponding license for the current season, and request your wish to attend the Tournament before April 30th sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The meals and accommodation for the invited referees will be borne by the organization.